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Artredot, established in 2012, brings a renewed focus on Singapore art, in particular modern art. While there are many Singaporean artists with great talent and innovative artistic practice, those who veer towards modern art styles are not well represented in Singapore. Therefore, Artredot was set up to fill this gap, to promote Singaporean artists exploring modern techniques and catering to collectors interested in these stylistic works. Through a careful curation of artists and exhibitions, Artredot seeks to bring a renewed attention to modern art in Singapore.

Artredot has acquired experience in a wide range of art related activities over the years. Artredot has collaborated with various established galleries in art fairs, exhibitions, and also maintained a strong rapport with many local artists. Its in-depth involvement within the art scene in Singapore provides an understanding of the artistic process artists go through, as well as the knowledge to provide consultation advice to collectors and keep up to date with art trends in Singapore. 



Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry. 

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Blk 231 Bain Street, #03-19

Bras Basah Complex,

Singapore 180231

Tel: 6733 3822 / 9732 5443

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