China, 1982

Danya Yu

Danya Yu is an accountant-turned-full-time-artist. She graduated from The University of Melbourne, Australia and subsequently, first class Honors degree in Fine Arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Loughborough University, UK. She specializes in Western Painting and Drawing. She has participated in a number of exhibitions, such as Affordable Art Fair, from 2011-2015, Fresh Air Art Festival, 2013&14, and “Seeing is Believing” Standard Charted Auction, 2010. She is also the Second Prize winner of ACR Painting Competition, 2011 and winner for Orchard Gateway Competition, 2013.


Urban architectures and lifestyles have largely influenced the direction of her artwork. City lights and reflections are interpreted as artificially weaved metro fantasies and have become the main subject matters in her paintings. She believes that art is a divine bestowment to mankind which separates us from primitive needs of animals and stoic logic of mechanical beings. To create art is to search for the key of paradise. One must genuinely believe its existence and any hard labor in the process of creation is pure joy.

2012 / 

Clifton Art Prize


2013 / 

Orchard Gateway Painting Competition


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