China 1977

Liu Xuan Qi

Liu Xuanqi (1977) is a contemporary artist currently residing in Singapore. A graduate in art & design from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (the former Shanghai Publishing and Printing College), Liu left his decade-long career as art director in the field of design and advertising to pursue art full-time. 


With his background as a graphic designer, he explores elements from traditional Chinese ink paintings, icons and imagery from eastern cultures and fuses them with contemporary design, merging the east and west. He adopted a different artistic expression by exploring the art with his personal style touch of traditional media and design element of eastern meet western culture. His work is an ongoing reflection of personal identity embedded within popular culture.


In his “Cloud” series, Liu plays with the idea of permanence and the temporal, and explores the tension that arises at the crossroads of rapid globalization. "It is also a symbol of "freedom, transitoryness, and impermanence," reflecting the current rapid development of the world. It has a strong contrast with static, realistic objects. It reflects on the mutual relations and development between tradition and contemporary.

2012 / 

Platinum Award UOB Painting of the Year

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