Malaysia 1975

Marvin Chew

Mr Marvin Chew, trained as an accountant, is a full time watercolour artist and the current Vice-President of Singapore Watercolour Society. He has been actively involved in many exhibitions and competitions, both locally and internationally.


Mr Chew is particularly fond of painting street scenes of Singapore using an impressionistic style with hints of semi-realism, specialising in en plein air painting and sketching. He spends much time interacting and observing both the old and new architectures, studying their silhouettes and forms, as well as their lighting and tonal details.


He conveys his observations with artworks using delicate washes and impactful brush strokes, often exuding the spirit of Chinese Calligraphy. The artist believes that he is able to evoke a sense of charm and rediscovery of seemingly ordinary places to his observers through his works.

Vice President/ 

Singapore Watercolour Society


2013 / 

Christopher J.Dore Memorial Award


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