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Terence Teo

Terence Teo, a graduate in Graphic Design from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1980, is currently a full time artist in Singapore. Teo’s training in graphic arts and photography lends a perfect balance to his exploits in traditional Chinese Landscape painting. He challenges techniques of Chinese ink paintings through the interplay of the elements of traditional Chinese and modern art.


Nature, his observations and experiences of the natural environment coupled with the richness of the seasons have always been the source of his creative inspiration. Through his work, he attempts to bring across the play of luminosity and reflection using techniques that he has developed over the years. In his early conservative landscape works, one cannot help but notice his strong lines and mastery of positive and negative space. Teo’s Rain Forest Series shows off his confident layering technique and his ability to push boundaries of traditional landscape painting. Romance of Shangri-la, among other series produced on Teo’s frequent travels for inspiration, represents his constant endeavours to present the beauty of his experiences as paintings.


Flow of Nature followed by Reflection, the latest series of his works, is a culmination of the development of his artistic techniques and philosophy thus far. The unique creation in his paintings have evoked a sense of visual, music, movement and dynamism generating joyous rhythm and melody and capturing the illusive symphony of nature for many art lovers to savour. 

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2006 / 

Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award


2012 / 

The Singapore selection of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize


2013 / 

Asia Art Award


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